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Rules and Regulations

[Hello Kitty Run Indonesia] hellokittyrun.id is operated by PT. TG Rights Studio Jakarta in accordance to rules and regulations.

Participants who have purchased tickets agree to comply with the rules and regulations related to [Hello Kitty Run Indonesia].

Participants agree to the following:
If there is any reason to suspect that a participant's information is false, incorrect, not up-to-date or incomplete, the organizer may suspend or cancel the participant's registration and refuse them at will.
Any disputes stemming from participation in [Hello Kitty Run Indonesia] shall have basis on Indonesia law and must be submitted for arbitration to be carried out in Indonesia.
Organizers reserve the right to use any photographs, video or sound recordings of the event for legitimate purposes, including commercial advertisement.
Organizers reserve the right to modify rules and regulations without any prior notification or any given reason.

All participants should be admitted with ticket. We suggest children aged seven or above to join the event.

All participants in the race must wear the bib with their assigned number on their chests.

Participants without their assigned number cannot participate in the race. In addition, selling or trading of a bib number is prohibited.

Participants who do not depart within 30 minutes of the start signal may possibly not be permitted to start.

While organizers have the right to postpone [Hello Kitty Run Indonesia] at any time without prior notice to participants, they will make an effort to notify participants prior to the start of the event.

In the event that [Hello Kitty Run Indonesia] must be postponed, any paid registrations fees will not be returned.

Organizers will try to rearrange within 6 months from the original event day. The running route shall be reassigned by the authorities concerned.

Accordingly, the organizers reserve the right to modify the final running route.

Participants shall exempt board members and employees from all losses and potential losses, claims, restitution, cancellation of [Hello Kitty Run Indonesia], and causes of liability stemming from postponement or modification and agree to not hold them responsible.

Organizers are not responsible for disputes caused by incomplete entries.

Organizers reserve the right to delay commencement due to bad weather. If stormy weather is not resolved after postponement, organizers reserve the right to cancel the race without returning registration fees.

(Safety, Medical Advisory)
While rational precautionary measures are taken by organizers in order to insure the safety of participants, organizers are not responsible for any deaths, injuries or damages.

Organizers reserve the right to eliminate any participants considered not to have the physical strength to continue performance in order to prevent participants from great harm or injuries.

Participants are recommended to undergo a physical examination or consult with doctor prior to registering or the actual race day.

Participants are recommended to abide by traffic rules on the designated route in order to ensure their safety.

For questions regarding to rules and regulations, please contact info@hellokittyrun.id.



Is the registration based on order of arrival?
Yes, it is based on order of arrival.

Can registration be done over the phone calling?
We do not accept the registration by phone calling. Please purchase through Hello Kitty Run Indonesia official website.

Can people with wheelchairs participate?
People with wheelchairs may also participate. However, since the course has differences in level, we suggest that you bring an accompaniment. Please contact the executive office prior to participating with a wheelchair.

Can I apply for participation from overseas?
Yes, we welcome for overseas runners.

What should I do after registration?
Race kit pick up detail will be sent to runners through email. Please come and pick up within the designated period.

[Event day]

Do I have to go reception desk on the event day?
No, please bring your bib and meet at the start point.

What will happen if there is bad weather?
It will not be postponed for rain. The event will be cancelled if organizers decide that it cannot be carried out according to stormy weather or disaster. In the event of cancellation, an announcement will be made by 4:00 a.m. on the event day through the homepage and Facebook.

Is there any dress code?
We suggest you to wear the Hello Kitty runner tee included in the race kit to join the run. Race bib has to be attached in order to participate in the run. 

Is there time record?
No time record but we have time limit to finish the Run. All runners should finish the run in 90 minutes from starting.

Can I walk?
You may walk if you'd like. However, there are time limit (90 minutes) and the Run will be over after the time limit is up

When should I arrive for participating in the run?  
The run will start at 6:30 AM,please arrive 15minutes earlier.

Are there any rest rooms?
Restroom is located at starting point and also after-run party area. There is no restroom located along the route.

Are there any shower rooms and changing rooms?
No shower rooms and changing rooms are available on event area.

Is there a place to store items?
There is a checkroom for free on a first-come-first-served basic. However please manage your own valuables such as cellphones and wallets. Organizers are not responsible for any losses, damages, or theft.


Can I cancel after registration?
No cancellation is accepted after payment accomplished.

Can you return my participation fee?
Participation fees cannot be returned after registration with any reasons.

Is the registration fee refunded if the event is cancelled?
Any registration fee will not be refunded. Organizers reserve the right to delay commencement due to bad weather. If stormy weather is not resolved after postponement, organizers reserve the right to cancel the race without returning registration fee.